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[Views from my Villa]

Swim Suit: Victoria Secret

I am so excited to share my trip to Vanuatu with the Havannah! This gorgeous little archipelago is located in the Pacific Ocean, slightly west of Fiji, and I can honestly say the week that I spent here were some of the most beautiful and pleasant days I have ever experienced.

Vanuatu is an incredible destination for anyone looking for an exclusive tropical escape untouched by most. Bountiful in deserted beaches, lavish greenery, volcanic mountains and vibrant, translucent waters, it’s a secret getaway that’s a true pleasure for the senses.

The region is culturally complex, boasting over 105 different languages and dialects over a small population of only 200,000. The natives on this “isle of smiles” are so happy and full of life. Everyone you come across is especially welcome and so thankful that you choose their home to experience and explore. I was the first person from New York City, or even America, that many had even met!

The Havannah itself is a stunning oasis off the coast of Efate. Upon arriving in the morning, I was personally greeted and brought through their ridiculously lush floral walkways into a breathtaking open air dining area by the beach for drinks, where each staff member graciously introduced themselves. After getting to know me a little, the manager Frederick personally walked me to my perfect villa fully equipped with anything you could ever need, including a luminous infiniti pool. Every aspect turned out to be so much more than I expected. The private and more intimate setting within the resort really adds a more individualized aspect to your stay. The staff are all wonderful natives of the island and really take the time to learn a lot about each of their guests, never once forgetting my name nor my preferences. They also kept my villa impeccable and were constantly proposing new ways to make my experience more enjoyable. The amazing gentleman who guided my sunset cruise offered to give a personal tour of his village, just steps away from the resort. I can’t really put into words how eye-opening this experience was. Locals are beautiful with golden blonde hair and skin full of melanin and are very tribal in nature. Large groups of families live together often surrounded by wild animals. Many of their homes solely consisted of open land separated by shrubbery and a few constructive materials. Wonderfully enough, even with the slight shock upon arrival and a bit of a language barrier, we were still welcomed unconditionally with the sweetest and most joyous expressions. Wherever you go, I really can’t emphasize enough how important it is to make time to leave the populated commercial/touristy areas and immerse yourself in local culture.

After my tour, I spent the rest of my stay exploring! (& eating of course lol) The food is exquisite with an extensively diverse international menu offering a fantastic selection of unique gourmet cuisine and imported wines. There are, additionally, so many different activities to choose from! Kayaking, nightly bonfires, sailing, tennis and other sports come complimentary with your stay, but you should definitely try scuba diving, zorbing, underwater scooters, an air safari, or one of the hundreds of sightseeing and adventure tours if you have a real taste for excitement!

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect trip. No amount of media or commentary can do this place justice. I think the most amazing part is how different everyone who visits will experience what it has to offer. It’s a perfect getaway for couples or honeymooners, but there is so much to see and do that your time would be equally incredible if you went with friends.


Already missing my little slice of paradise!






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