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Visual diary from my trip to Italy!

I toured Milan, Florence, Venice, and Rome and was surprised by how different each city was from the next. The aesthetic, the energy, even the food varied from place to place making each destination a brand new experience.

If you could go to Italy but only visit one area, Rome would be a great choice. The Vatican is a must see, even if you aren’t religious. It is so full of history, not to mention the amazing architecture and classical portraits that will leave you in awe. The Vatican has one of the largest collections of paintings and sculptures in the entire world, making it an essential destination for any art lover. The Trevi Fountain is another great landmark and is one of the most notable fountains in the entire world. The legend of the fountain is that that if you throw a coin inside over your right shoulder with your back turned, you will be ensured a return to Rome. Drinking from the “small fountain of lovers”, additionally, is said to keep any couple forever faithful to one another. The Colosseum, arguably the most famous attraction, is also a sight to see giving you a unique glimpse into history to the time of great roman emperors and gladiators. It was originally built to entertain the masses by presenting violent and often fatal games of mixed brawls with people and animals alike.

In addition to the amazing cultural sites, you need to shop and you need to dance! Italy has some of the best leather goods in the world, a majority of which are handmade. Via Cola di Rienzo, a busy street located behind Castle St. Angelo, has a ton of  mid-price shops with a combination of designer boutiques and high street chains. If you are looking for the high end name brands, spend a day on Via Condotti and the Spanish Steps, the glorious home of designer boutiques like Prada, Armani, and Gucci.

As for nightlife, there is something for everyone. Rome has hotspots all over, however, the nightlife epicenters are within the Testaccio and Ostiense neighborhoods. Most dance clubs don’t really get lit until midnight and the cover or entry fee usually includes your first drink. Micca Club’s dance floor is a little on the smaller side, but the venue attracts some of the hottest DJs from all over the world. The venue also hosts a number of themed events and burlesque shows. If you’re more into live music, Circolo degli Artisti is one of the hottest underground bars. This venue is located between San Lorenzo and a bohemian part of town called Pigneto and usually features a number of big name indie rock bands. If you’re looking for delicious drinks and a bite to eat while enjoying luxurious scenery, ReD Restaurant and Design, is definitely a chill chic venue. Finally, you must hit the Dolce & Gabbana restaurant, here I enjoyed delicious drinks and mouth watering cuisine – the portions were perfect, and I fortunately had enough room for dessert! (Always save room for dessert.)

Every destination in Italy is ethereal in its own way and each location has so many things that makes a trip worthwhile

When was the last time you did something for the first time?


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