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With everything going on in the media right now people can be hesitant to travel to the Middle East. Socio-political discontent, terrorist attacks, and tourist targeting threats raise valid concerns about safety. The most important thing you can do when traveling here, or anywhere else in the world, is to be aware. As a tourist, try not to draw unnecessary attention to yourself. Dress conservatively, avoid unaccompanied exploration, and always have your cell phone ready to go. Store important numbers in your phone, and keep it with you at all times. Exercise the same safety precautions as you would anywhere else. Staying safe when traveling abroad doesn’t take any more effort than it does in your own community.


Guaranteed, you will never get bored during your trip; the beaches along the coast of Marmaris are full of water sports, pool parties, beach games and tons of bars and restaurants. Ironically, when I first hit the beach, I was escorted to a small shop offering everything else but the aforementioned list. Each activity shop markets different excursions including, but not limited to, horseback riding, buggying, scuba diving or snorkeling, turkish baths, and overnight trips to the gorgeous hot springs of Pamukkale or the ancient ruins of Ephesus. For any of these activities, I would suggest buying tickets in person rather than online. Internet prices can cost almost three times as much and you lose the added advantage of negotiating a better price for larger groups or multiple event selections.


One of the best places to shop is the Mallmarine Shopping Centre where you can buy bags, clothes, watches and more. If you can, I would suggest avoiding a lot of the street shops in the super touristy areas as most are only filled with overpriced low quality knock offs.

*Tip: Whatever you do or buy, negotiate everything! Local merchants are sharks and can see, hear and smell that your foreign. I’ve seen them offer items for one amount, then increase prices for the exact same item by over 300% for an English speaker.

Dance, Drinks, and Cuisine

Ironically enough, my love of Turkish food was born in New York. There is a quaint little spot near my friend’s apartment that has the best lamb kabobs and baklava you will find in the city. However, I obviously had to try my favorite dish in its mother country. Absolutely delicious!

After dinner, my evening usually isn’t complete until I find a venue packed with dancing locals. The bars and restaurants that line the beach are pretty lively with concerts and events from daybreak until well into the night. Bar Street in Old Town is literally a long block clustered with bars, small eateries and night clubs with musical genres ranging from techno to reggae and everything in between. The Arena is the biggest and seems to be the most popular. 

Overall, Marmaris is one of Turkey’s hottest tourist spots filled with jetsetters from all over Europe. If you like great food, stunning scenery, and want a unique cultural experience, I would definitely suggest a visit!





Happy travels



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